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Ian Keith Hopkins . Development

My views on software development.


I have a lot of experience using PHP to build custom web-based applications, specifically using the CakePHP framework. While I like PHP for rapid development and templating, it has a number of disadvantages which .

Java has become a widely adopted, sophisticate platform on which one can develop rich applications that run on nearly any device without modification. Java has also become a language in which high-performance distributed systems are regularly implemented. I have been using Java for various projects since University and spent working on Java code nearly everyday.


Security is an important consideration for any application. From using secure socket layer (SSL) to encrypt data while in transit to using policies to delete or archive sensitive when it is no longer needed, software developers need to carefully think about the security of their applications.


One key to any professional occupation is honing one's craft. Deliberate practice is not just the repetition of known skills, but also the application of one's talent to new problems, discovery of new skills, and critical evaluation of past effort. To this end I have started a deliberate effort at reading other's code and writing code for the purpose of practice. I have found this to be both enjoyable and productive.

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